man hanging christmas lights

Holiday Decorating Safety Tips To Follow in Pensacola, Florida

It’s that time of year again, and though it’s hard to believe, soon we will be putting up the stockings, gift shopping and hanging Christmas lights. Most of us who decorate for the holidays rarely think about or realize the safety risks involved. But thousands of injuries occur each year. Here is a list of safety tips to follow to help get you in the spirit and keep your family safe. To save all this trouble, invest in professional decorating services with the trained experts at Lawn Master.

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These Are The Best Shrubs To Grow In Florida

Looking to add to your Pensacola garden? Why not give one of these colorful shrubs a try? They’re hardy, vibrant, and many of them are evergreen so you’ll enjoy a splash of color even during the cooler season.

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man spaying lawn for pests

Summer Lawn Pest Protection In Florida

There are a number of pests here in Florida that we have to look out for in our everyday lives – sometimes these pests can be alligators, but more often, they are lawn pests that can slowly but surely attack our lawns

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3 Ways to Be Eco-Friendly With Your Lawn Care This Season

With everyone staying at home a little more this summer, you will want to ensure that your yard is exactly the way you like it. You might even be able to enjoy it more knowing that you have done everything you can to create an environmentally friendly space while you are at it.

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core aeration

Use Spring Aeration To Help Your Lawn

Spring aeration can work wonders for your turf. Lawn Master wants to make sure that you are covered when it comes to this lawn service. We have been working in the lawn care industry for over three decades. That has given us the unique experience of seeing everything there is in Pensacola, Florida. Our lawn care services can be 100% trusted, it’s our number one goal to make sure your lawn receives the care it needs. 

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hand making a heart on tree trunk

Your Tree Care Checklist For Spring

Give your Florida trees a headstart this spring with a robust tree care plan. From mulching to fertilizer, there are several easy steps you can take to set your trees up for success all season long!

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