Garden Indoors This Winter With These 5 Easy-to-Grow Herbs

Now that winter’s in full swing, you’re probably missing all the greenery that once covered your yard. And while the holiday lights provide some cheer, nothing can beat the look of vibrant green grass and gardens. By starting an indoor herb garden, you can bring some of that greenery indoors, where you’ll enjoy it all… Read more »

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mole cricket on a leaf

How to Identify, Prevent and Control The Invasive Mole Cricket

Invasive mole crickets are a serious problem for many Pensacola homeowners. These unearthly-looking creatures look like they came straight from outer space to destroy our lawns. Read on and learn everything there is to know about the Pensacola mole cricket, how to identify the damage it causes, how to prevent, and how to control these annoying critters with insect and pest control from Lawn Master.

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palm trees in the sun

Ten Fun Facts About Pensacola’s Esteemed Palm Tree

Palm trees are a symbol of warm weather and an identifying feature of the Florida skyline. Several types of palm trees line our beautiful state’s beaches, roads, and parks. Here are ten fun, fascinating facts about palm trees we bet you didn’t know. And when it comes time for protecting and maintaining them, the professionals at Lawn Master have a comprehensive plant health care program for your palms and all your beloved rees and shrubs.

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zoysia grass

Understanding the Different Types of Grasses in Pensacola

Most of us are familiar with the green stuff that surrounds our Pensacola home and businesses. It’s grass, of course! But if you’re like me, that is where your knowledge extends. Learn everything there is to know about the different kinds of grasses that grow in our region, which might be the best for your Pensacola property, and how professional lawn care from Lawnmaster can help.

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man hanging christmas lights

Holiday Decorating Safety Tips To Follow in Pensacola, Florida

It’s that time of year again, and though it’s hard to believe, soon we will be putting up the stockings, gift shopping and hanging Christmas lights. Most of us who decorate for the holidays rarely think about or realize the safety risks involved. But thousands of injuries occur each year. Here is a list of safety tips to follow to help get you in the spirit and keep your family safe. To save all this trouble, invest in professional decorating services with the trained experts at Lawn Master.

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These Are The Best Shrubs To Grow In Florida

Looking to add to your Pensacola garden? Why not give one of these colorful shrubs a try? They’re hardy, vibrant, and many of them are evergreen so you’ll enjoy a splash of color even during the cooler season.

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man spaying lawn for pests

Summer Lawn Pest Protection In Florida

There are a number of pests here in Florida that we have to look out for in our everyday lives – sometimes these pests can be alligators, but more often, they are lawn pests that can slowly but surely attack our lawns

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