Garden Indoors This Winter With These 5 Easy-to-Grow Herbs

Now that winter’s in full swing, you’re probably missing all the greenery that once covered your yard. And while the holiday lights provide some cheer, nothing can beat the look of vibrant green grass and gardens. By starting an indoor herb garden, you can bring some of that greenery indoors, where you’ll enjoy it all year long. Plus, all these herbs smell and taste amazing! Here are just a few of the easiest herbs to grow indoors.

Take Your Gardening Indoors With These Lovely Herbs

1. Basil

One of the most fragrant of herbs, basil is great in many foods. Like most of the plants on this list, you’ll want to provide it with a south-facing window, if possible, so that it can enjoy the most sun. If there aren’t southern windows available, east is a good alternative. Avoid north-facing windows at all costs. Unfortunately, in the northern hemisphere, these receive the least amount of sunlight. Basil likes to be warm, which makes it a great choice for growing inside. Keep basil well-watered, but also make sure the plant has drainage as it likes moist but not soggy soil. Also, don’t water the leaves – water the soil directly. When it’s ready to harvest, prune about 20% of the plant at maximum at any one time. This will allow you to enjoy continual harvesting without stressing the plant. Throw your basil in fresh homemade pesto or atop a pizza!

2. Chives

Keep your chives in a sunny place. You’ll only need to place the seeds about 1/4 beneath the soil and space them out in the container. Water thoroughly after first planting, and keep the soil moist. These are tiny onions, after all, and they need lots of moisture. That being said, they do have some drought tolerance once established. You should expect to see sprouts in 10 – 15 days. When you’re ready to harvest, use kitchen scissors to trim one or two inches from the tips.

3. Oregano

The neat thing about oregano is that it’s one of those herbs you can propagate from a clipping! If you don’t feel like starting from seed, pick up a bundle of fresh oregano the next time you go grocery shopping. Plant a leaf tip with a bit of stem on it, and voila! Like chives, oregano doesn’t require a lot of watering, so don’t water again until the soil feels dry to the touch. There are several varieties of oregano to choose from. Depending on what your favorite type of cuisine is, one type may seem more desirable than others.

  • Common oregano has a sweeter taste and is used in traditional English and French cooking.
  • Golden oregano produces a milder flavor for those that want the health benefits but not the full flavor of this herb.
  • Greek oregano is a favorite in Mediterranean dishes and what you probably think of when you picture oregano.
  • Mexican oregano is dried and used in chili powders, so if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at crafting your own chili mix, this might be the one for you.

4. Parsley

Like oregano, parsley can be propagated from a clipping of a fresh bunch – if you don’t want to wait several weeks for seeds to germinate. Though it prefers full sun, it can make do with an east or west-facing window, though it may not grow as quickly. Like chives, you’ll want to plant the seeds just beneath the surface of the soil. Wait until the plant is at least six inches tall before you begin to clip from it and start with the lowest, outermost leaves.

5. Thyme

Like parsley, thyme can get by with an east or western window if a southern window isn’t an option. Thyme actually prefers more arid climates, like its native Mediterranean, so if possible, keep it out of the kitchen where it will be exposed to excess moisture from cooking. When it comes to watering, thyme is the least fussy of all the herbs we’ve discussed. In fact, it’s quite drought resistant, so if you’re one of those gardeners who have trouble remembering to water your crops, thyme is quite forgiving.

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