Lawn Care in Walton

Life along the Emerald Coast is idyllic. Sunkissed white beaches, lakes and the Gulf for watersports, fishing, campgrounds, and trails offer opportunities to enjoy the weather outdoors. The moderate temperatures also mean that lawn care is a year-round endeavor. Lawn Masters has been here for over 40 years to support our customers in achieving gorgeous, healthy, and pest-free yards they can enjoy.

Our menu of available services include:

  • Free inspections for all services.
  • Both residential and commercial lawn care and lawn fertilization.
  • Weed control.
  • Lawn aeration.
  • A 4-step shrub health care program.
  • Insect and pest control.

Lawn care programs

Everyone desires the lawn in the neighborhood that others aspire to duplicate. The staff at Lawn Master wants your lawn to shine as well.  Our knowledgeable technicians can bring your lawn from drab and lifeless to lush and green in no time.

Our customized lawn care program includes:

  • A free evaluation of your lawn’s health and assessment of treatment options.
  • A personalized treatment plan including lawn fertilization, weed control, and insect control.
  • A detailed report with pricing estimates so you know what you are getting up front.
  • Recommendations on the best watering and mowing techniques for your grass type.

Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Master starts with fertilizers that are specific for Northwest Florida soil conditions and further adjusts them for your individual turf conditions. We use a balanced fertilizer, the addition of micronutrients, and a winterizer to properly nourish your lawn throughout the seasons.

Weed Control

The problem with weeds is that they steal resources from the more desirable grasses in our lawn. Because weed control is important to maintain healthy and uniform turf, at Lawn Master it is included as part of our lawn maintenance programs, but can also be purchased as a stand-alone service. Our knowledgeable lawn technicians will evaluate your lawn and determine the weed control regimen you need, including:

  • Pre- and post-emergents in early and late spring.
  • Broadleaf weed control in early summer and fall.
  • Any other necessary treatments to keep weeds at bay.

Shrub Health Care

Trees, shrubs, and other plants are what makes your landscape unique and allows you to stand out from your neighbors. The Northwest Florida climate necessitates extra attentiveness in order to keep them vibrant and strong. Lawn Master’s 4-step plant health care plan is designed with Gulf Coast plants in mind. It includes treatments applied throughout the year and is customized to help your ornamentals remain resilient to insects, stress from heat and drought, and overwatering.


Our 4 treatments include the following components applied at the appropriate time:

  • A free shrub evaluation to assess your plants.
  • Insect control, both with insecticides and horticultural oil.
  • Proper fertilization, including foliar fertilizer and micronutrients as needed.

Pest Control

Like weed control, at Lawn Master we consider insect and pest control to be critical enough to be included in our lawn care and shrub health care programs. Our expert technicians use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approaches to understand your pest problems and solve them efficiently and effectively using the least amount of pesticide possible. This is another service that we deem important enough to offer for individual purchase. We take care of insects, such as mole crickets and fire ants, to protect your lawn and allow your family to enjoy time outdoors worry-free.

Local Lawn Care You Can Trust

We are a family-owned and operated business that is committed to delivering straightforward pricing, honest assessments, and realistic expectations. If you are ready to achieve the lawn of your dreams, contact Lawn Master to schedule an appointment for a free assessment and quote.