Sandwiched between the turquoise waters of Choctawhatchee Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, you don’t get much closer to paradise than Destin. But while nature provides the city’s residents with endless ocean views and white sandy beaches, Florida’s climate adds some unique challenges when it comes to lawn care. Luckily, the Lawn Master family knows Northwest Florida grass like the back of our green-thumbed hands.

Our commitment:

  • Straightforward prices.
  • Honest assessments.
  • Realistic expectations.

Established in 1981, we’ve proudly served Destin homeowners and commercial properties with their lawn care, pest control, and even holiday decorating needs. All our programs are customized following a professional evaluation by one of our licensed technicians. After we’ve inspected your lawn, we work with you to find the right program for your turf.

Our Programs:

  • Lawn care service program.
  • Proactive weed control.
  • Lawn aeration and lawn fertilization.
  • 4-step shrub health care program.
  • Pest control

Call us for a FREE lawn evaluation! You’ll receive:

  • A full lawn inspection.
  • Recommendations for next steps.
  • Honest pricing estimates.

Lawn Fertilization in Destin

As members of the Florida Turfgrass Association (FTA), we know Florida grass and we especially know not all Florida grass is the same. Your lawn requires a different balance of nutrients than what we’d use for commercial lawn care and vice versa. That’s why we custom-design our lawn fertilization services to fit your turf and your turf alone. 

Beginning with a thorough inspection, we determine the perfect blend of fertilizer for a lush, green, and healthy lawn for your home or commercial property. Our evaluation will also determine if lawn aeration is necessary to achieve fertilization’s best results, as lawns with thick thatch build-ups and compacted soil don’t allow fertilizers to reach the grassroots that desperately need it. 

All our lawn care programs include fertilizer applications in early spring, early summer, mid-summer, late summer, and fall. 

Weed Control in Destin

Effective weed control is vital to the look and health of your lawn, and you can trust Lawn Master to erase these invasive plants from your property. Our home and commercial lawn care routines include several weed control applications that target the seasons’ most upsetting lawn intruders. 

Early spring: pre- and post-emergent application.

Late spring: second pre- and post-emergent application.

Early summer: broadleaf weed control applied to wipe out chamberbitter, dollarweed, and Virginia buttonweed.

Fall: another application of broadleaf weed control.

Regular weed control applications infused with our lawn care programs ensure your lawn looks its best all year! 

Shrub Care in Destin

Adding trees and shrubs to your landscape boosts air quality, provides shade, and gives your yard that eye-catching curb appeal that makes neighbors wish they had your lawn. As beautiful as these ornamentals are to your outdoor space, they have the downside of attracting unwanted insects and leaf diseases. Our services eliminate any cons of having trees and shrubs in your yard so you can enjoy only the benefits.

Our 4-step Shrub Health Care program provides year-round maintenance and care to your lawn’s main attractions. We use a mix of systemic insecticides, foliar fertilizer, horticultural oil, and insect control treatments to protect your trees and shrubs against:

  • Insect infestations.
  • Disease.
  • Heat and drought stress.
  • Overwatering.

Pest Control in Destin

We’ve been treating Florida lawns long enough to know lawn care and pest control go hand-in-hand. While most companies offer insect control separate from their lawn care services, we include it in all of our lawn and shrub health care programs.

If you’ve been bitten one too many times by a fire ant or see the telltale damage of mole crickets on your turf, a free lawn evaluation will determine if you have a pest problem along with which types you’re dealing with. We then customize your program to include the right insecticides and treatments to wipe these pests off your lawn for good. And, because we use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices, you don’t have to worry about our insect control applications harming your pets or loved ones.