Fall in Florida: Preparing your Pensacola Lawn For Winter

Believe it or not, the first day of winter is right around the corner. We are noticing the sun setting earlier and rising later each day. This change in seasons triggers a change in your lawn as well. Most of our lawns consist of warm-season grass. Warm-season grasses do their growing in the summer and go dormant in the winter. Right about now they are slowing down and storing food for the winter. In order to maintain a healthy yard this fall and winter, there are several things you need to do to prep your Florida lawn.

Time to Irrigate

The rainy season in Florida starts in spring and lasts until August. The fall and winter is our dry season. Grass needs at least an inch of water every week to remain healthy. If you already have an automatic sprinkler system then it’s as easy as setting a schedule.

Aerate Your yard

Well-used yards will eventually suffer from compacted soil or thatch buildup. Compacted soil prevents your grass from getting the nutrients it needs. Soil can be packed so tight that not even air or water can be accessed by the plant. This will cause the grass to look weak and thin. Weak grass is susceptible to drought, heat stress, and diseases. 

Thatch is the layer of organic debris that builds up between your soil and grass. This can cause water and fertilizer to run off and your grass and cause it to pool in low areas.

Core aeration is a process by which a machine called an aerator pulls soil plugs from the turf and deposits the cores on the surface. Aeration provides many benefits to your yard including enhanced root growth, loosens thatch, increases water uptake, and establishes healthier grass.

Do Not Stop Mowing Yet

Because of our hot and humid climate, most of the grasses that make up our yards are composed of warm-season grasses. Warm-season grasses start to grow when the weather is hot. In the fall, warm-season grasses slow down and go dormant. But that doesn’t mean you should put away the lawnmower for the season. You don’t have to mow as much but you shouldn’t stop. 

Mosquito Control

Florida has many things that make it a great place to live. Unfortunately, it’s also a great place for mosquitoes to live. With our high humidity and plenty of swamp lands, Florida is perfect for mosquitoes. As winter approaches, females will be depositing their last batch of eggs for the year before hibernating. Some places in the southern part of the state might see mosquito activity all year round. 

Here are some ways you can do to drive down the mosquito population in your area. Dump out any water that has collected in flower pots, birdbaths, tarps, tires, toys, lawn furniture, wheelbarrows, and gutters. 

When is the Best Time to Aerate?

You shouldn’t aerate your yard whenever you feel like it. There is a science to it. You want to aerate your grass when it is growing so it can repair itself faster. Cool-season grasses should be aerated from spring to early fall. Warm-season grasses should be aerated from mid-spring to late summer.

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